Paper Chase: Mary Button Durell

I am so taken with the way artists take common materials and lead us to think of them in a more abstract way.  San Francisco artist Mary Button Durell uses simple tracing paper to create beautifully simple yet amazing sculptures.

The Piles, tracing paper, wheat paste and acrylic, 17x18x16

The Piles ( detail )

Using the tracing paper and wheat paste, Durell hand shapes the forms, resulting in light, organic arrangements that seem to be suspended in a fragile state.

Empty, tracing paper and wheat paste, 16x12x4

3 Cloud Blue, tracing paper, wheat paste and acrylic, 17x24x1.75

The cell-like shapes and translucency call to mind shells or bubbles, ever changing and fleeting.

60 ( detail ), tracing paper, wheat paste and acetate, 43x29x1.25

To see more work from Mary Button Durell, please check out her website.

Artist found via Anthology Magazine.  All images are via the artist’s website.

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  • francifularts

    The Piles reminded me of pencil shavings! Really enjoyed the way the sizes of the organic forms in Empty were contrasted and arrayed.

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      Piles is my favorite for that very reason!

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    Makes me remind that my holiday is almost over..
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    Otherwise I really love the ‘organic’ almost cellular shapes.
    Weird how everything can refer to nature (even it’s smallest elements)


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      Absolutely, Olivier! We are, in our very beings, part and parcel with nature. Good luck with your studies!