Insert [ the Artsy ]: Art For Every Pocketbook

I am a firm believer in buying art at whatever level you can afford and I’m not talking about the framed art aisle at Target.  While there are certain levels of art collecting which some of us may never reach ( I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that I’ll never own an original Georgia O’Keeffe, just keepin’ it real ), there is fabulous art available for every budget!  Just because your budget is limited, that’s no excuse for blank walls!  For this installment of [ Insert Art Here ], we’ll take a look at 3 art options for the same space– all fab, each fitting a particular budget level.  Here we go!

Let’s begin with our blank( ish ) canvas–

For the Beginning Collector:

Artwork by Ann Tarantino via 20x200

Prints are the easiest and most budget friendly way to begin an art collection and these days there is no shortage of sources for quality limited editions.  These Ann Tarantino prints ( Far and Wide [ left ] and Flying Colors [ right ] ) are archival pigment prints, $200 each ( not including framing ) and are available through 20×200.  Pretty sweet, right?

For the Mid-Range Artsy:

Artwork by Michelle Armas

So you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is and begin a serious art collection?  Original work by emerging artists is a great place to start.  Atlanta artist Michelle Armas has become something of an art & design blog darling and with that comes a certain ( well deserved! ) notoriety which makes her work highly collectible.  Her abstract paintings are riotous and painterly, filled with joyous color.  The piece above, Eggplant is an acrylic work on canvas, 30×40 inches.  It is available through Gregg Irby Fine Art at $1000.  An awesome price for a piece of that size and quality!  Forego your daily $4 chai-mocha-frappawhatever from Starbucks and you will be able to purchase a piece like this, too.  It’s all about priorities, ya’ll. :-)

For the Serious Artophile:

Artwork by Christina Foard

Christina Foard is a painter’s painter.  She paints intuitively and revels in the materials, not afraid to get her hands dirty.  There is an emotionality to her work that, along with its glorious physical texture, provides a depth that you don’t always find in abstract compositions.  The piece above, Floating Invasion ( acrylic on canvas, 40×30 ) provides this space with a certain amount of gravitas, while still giving just the right amount of color and movement.  But Foard’s works are pieces you buy because you can’t stop thinking about them.. you have to have them.. If they happen to match your throw pillows, well, that’s just a bonus.  ( FYI– Floating Invasion is no longer available, but Foard pieces in a similar size are usually in the $3000 range )

My final word.. as Dan Fear said “Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it enhances your life.”  This has been a little exercise that I hope will inspire you to purchase a piece of art that you love this year.   Now that’s a new years’ resolution I can get behind!

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  • lovefeasttable

    I couldn’t agree more! If the art moves you, evokes an emotion or is attached to a memory, that’s good enough for me. I just wish my pocket was a deep as my obsession!

    • Lesley

      I am right there with ya, Kristin! I hope to own pieces by some of the artists I feature someday. So far my collection is small, but precious.

  • m.a.tateishi

    As usual, all three settings look a gazillion times better with the art, and the Christina Foard painting really seems to own that wall! As far as finances go, it’s all a matter of priorities, as shown in the movie, Herb & Dorothy, they wanted to buy art and they went for it on a small income. I think by reading art blogs like this, you can develop your eye and perhaps find art that is more daring and thus possibly cheaper. Or perhaps creative financing, like buying art on an installment basis? Or even bartering or trading? Lots of possibilities.
    Naturally as an artist, I’m biased, but I do think that living with original art makes life better!

    • Lesley

      Absolutely, M.A.! Growing up our home was always decorated with original art, as both my grandmothers painted in their spare time after my grandfather’s retired. Most artists and galleries are willing to work with a buyer– sometimes you just need to ask!

  • healingandliving

    Not quite a collector yet, but my husband & I bought a Matisse print at SFMOMA tonight for $25. I can say I am happy with our purchase!

    • Lesley

      Gotta start somewhere, Cara! I’ve always been a huge fan of Matisse’s work. Which work is yours a print of?

  • Nicole

    Great tips! I’m going to utilize these and try to find some artwork by one of our local artists.

  • dsmartcollector

    This was great advice and I love the pieces in your illustrations. Thanks for all the resources on this site!

    • Lesley

      Thanks for commenting! I hope you’re finding the website helpful and inspiring!